How to Tie a Spoiled Goby

Producer: Coastfly

“Today we will be tying this little white rabbit streamer inspired by a fly called the Spoiled Goby from a guy called Frederik Lorentzen….

…just for the sake of this video it makes it a lot easier for me to tie on a bit bigger hooks so you can see what I’m doing. I mainly tie this in a size 6 maybe 8 sometimes.  I just laid a base layer here or tying through it and I’m gonna tie down to where I want to tie in that zonker tail, which is about here right about here. I wanna have some  dumbbell eyes, black. Just make some securing turns here underneath the eyes as well, just like this, and then pull your bobbin. Make sure it doesn’t go anywhere. It also helps to have a strong thread for doing the turns in there.  If you wanna be absolutely on the safe side you can put a small drop of superglue in there….”