How to Tie a Euro Early Black Stone

Producer: Tim Flagler

Tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “The body of the fly is created using small brown stretch round rib. Place one end of the material on top of the hook shank and take thread wraps to secure it, letting thread torque carry it to the far side as you go. Bind it down all the way to the base of the tail. Yet again, relocate your tying thread up the hook shank to behind the bead. Give a little stretch to the rib and start taking touching wraps with it to create an evenly segmented body on the fly. Do your best to keep the wraps as touching as possible but I feel a few little spaces actually helps with the realism of the pattern as does the mottled appearance of the body. Or maybe I’m just thinking too hard. Anyway, use your tying thread to secure the rib at the back edge of the bead and then snip the excess off close. Ideally, you want the leftover little nubbin to land right in the slot of the bead. Continue taking thread wraps to build up a short hot spot collar. Get hold of your whip finish tool and do a 4 or 5 turn whip finish, making sure to seat the knot well before snipping or cutting your tying thread free. “