How to Tie a Crabby Patty San Flea

Producer: McFly Angler

“I created this fly a while back inspired by a few flies I saw on instagram. I took aspects of a couple different flies, mainly a few from “sand bar flies” and created my own pattern with some ideas I saw. Notably the chenille legs from one fly, and the mallard flank shell back from another. Originally I made a video on tying this fly, and I used a dubbing loop. I also used a flexible resin on the mallard flank feather as well. After tying these for a few years, I have now changed a few aspects of the fly, and am very happy with the ultimate result. I think this is now easier to tie, and also more durable.

Sand crabs, or also called sand fleas, are a staple food source for many insure saltwater species. Surf Perch and Corbina in California, to pompano and redfish in the gulf of Texas, I find that these flies work great for all species willing to come close to the breaking waves in the surf. These little crabs occasionally get kicked up by heavy waves, and become an easy meal for hungry fish.”