How to Tie a Bleeding Prawn (Stormy Evening) Steelhead Fly

Producer: Piscator Flies

“Today we’re gonna be tying a pattern called the Bleeding Prawn, and in particular this color variation is called the Evening Storm. It’s a steelhead fly by Bjorn Beech. He’s a productive pattern designer and the owner of the Fly Fisher, a fly shop in Lacey, Washington.

There are a few other color variations of this pattern, including the Red Moon,  the Al Can Express, which is like a black and blue variation, and a Victoria’s Secret pink—of course that’s a pink and light colored variation. There’s also a couple others and this is a very similar pattern to the Stinger prawn which is an articulated version of this. Some of the other patterns that Bjorn is known for are things like the Jumbo Critter, the Stinger Prong and the Overdressed Hooker….

Let’s get a fresh hook into the vise. So for hooks today I’m going to be using a super fly heavy steelhead and salmon, but I’ve just recently heard these aren’t going to be available for much longer so I recommend something like a Tiemco 7999. It’s a nice sturdy hook for this application. For thread we’re going to be using a six hot fire orange uni-thread. If you don’t have the uni you can use a 140 denier ultra thread or even a 70 denier works well….”