Getting Started in Fly Tying

Producer: Kelly Galloup

In this Q&A segment, Kev from Asheville writes:

“I guess I’m a little late with this. I was wondering about beginning tying. I have been fishing my entire life. I have made my own bass lures, etc., but I have never tried fly tying. I have no idea where to even start. I have watched all of your videos that I can find, including the “which vise to buy” video, and they were all very informative. Thank you for the awesome information. My question is probably too vague for a simple answer, but I was wondering where to start with fly tying. I want to make my own streamers all different sizes for trout and bass. I also do a lot of nymphing, so I want to be able to tie up my own pheasant tails, hare’s ears, etc. I don’t know what tools, materials, etc. that I would need to accomplish this. If you have time, could you please recommend some tools, thread sizes (and brands I guess), and just whatever else you can think of that I might need to accomplish my mission. I know I can learn by watching videos, but there isn’t much information that I can find on which tools to buy first, differences in materials, and things of this nature. Id prefer to spend a little more $ up front than to have to rebuy anything a few months down the line. Any guidance, advice, or direction would be greatly appreciated!”