Fly Tying Tip: Angled Tweezers

Producer: Tim Flagler

“My tool caddy is at capacity, so adding a new tool is kind of a big deal. But I recently found a pair of angled tweezers to be a very welcome addition.  They have flat blades centered at about a 45 degree angle and were super cheap at the local drugstore.

I do have fine-point tweezers but the angle on these makes getting hold of most things much easier.  Plucking a single bead from a whole bunch is a piece of cake, as is picking up one from a flat surface. And a size 24 scud hook–not a problem.

But where these really excel is getting hold of the tips of feathers to isolate them for tie-in. Even on small Hungarian partridge feathers it’s easy to get hold of the very tip. Pull down the lower fibers and snip the tip off to form a a tie-in anchor. I’ve also found they can be used to increase measuring accuracy because of their hard metal edges. Measuring then transferring that measurement elsewhere is absolutely precise. Additionally the hard, fine edges allow wire wraps to be moved aligned and spread evenly.”