“Fly Fishing Wyoming – Audible to Plan B” (Part 5)

Producer: Drew LooknFishy

“In part 5, of my Fly Fishing Wyoming series, I only have half a day to fish and drive to a small stream that was close to me. But after getting there and seeing the crowd, I decide to audible. Fortunately, I read about another stream in the area. I quickly check the map and head to it. I hadn’t really planned on fishing this stream and had no information on access or what type of trout were in its waters. So I stopped at the first place I saw. Spent about an 2 hours climbing through the canyon catching several rainbows, 1 brown and 1 cutthroat. Knowing I needed a brookie to complete the Grand Slam, I drove a little further up and found another access on the same river. It took about another hour to find that 1 brookie. Definitely a cool way to end this part of the trip. With the Grand Slam complete, I jump in the truck and transition to southern Wyoming to meet a buddy for a few days.”