“Fly Fishing the Coolest Stream from a Drift Boat My Buddy Just Built”

Producer: Drew LooknFishy

“In this video, I’m Fly Fishing the Ozarks from a Drift Boat my buddy just finished building. We’ve packed 3-days worth of camping gear. The plan is to float about 20 miles of this cool stream in the Ozark Mountains chasing wild rainbow trout! The drifter took about 10 months to complete and about a week out, the weather forecast changed from great to, rainy and cold, as a polar front moved in. We weren’t changing our plans but had to pack some extra gear to deal with the weather. The rains didn’t move in until the middle of the 2nd day, so we had great conditions to start the trip. The fishing was fantastic! The stream is home to wild and stocked rainbow trout. This is part 1 of 2 parts.”