“Fly Fishing Series / Chatham Island / Pure Fly NZ S04E04”

Producer: Gin-Clear Media

“Chatham Island is a small island 650kms off the coast of the North Island that stands in the teeth of the roaring forties and is constantly battered by huge seas and heavy wind. To our knowledge it has never been seriously explored by saltwater fly fishers, we set out to change that.

Jeff Forsee and cameraman Nick Reygaert love a good adventure and are not intimidated by a challenge. They have no contacts on the island or any information on the fly fishing prospects so are flying blind. The warmest most settled time to visit the islands is in summer but busy schedules mean that we could only go in September adding an extra layer of challenge to an already daunting trip into the unknown.

High on the list of target species are the stunning blue moki, a shy species that grows large and is endemic to this part of the world. There is only one snag they have rarely been caught on fly. Can the lads catch any of the weird and wonderful fish that swim around this rugged and beautiful island?”