“Take Two” – How to Catch Trout Feeding in Close Proximity

Producer: Jensen Fly Fishing

“Finding two large brown trout feeding in close proximity presents a challenge: can you approach, cast, hook, and fight the first brown trout in order to not spook the second? While this scenario doesn’t play out often, during stonefly hatches or heavy tailout mayfly hatches you can certainly find two large trout in close proximity. In this video we first share how it unfolded for us in this instance, then we discuss the pre-planned and thought out methodology at increasing our odds of catching these two large brown trout in close proximity.

NOTE: What I remembered was the release view of the fish… it stuck in my head as a female on the side view. Then we edited and had the video set to launch and I hadn’t thought about what we were saying and that one shot of her fish, its head… and I said ‘shit did I get that wrong’. That side shot still looks female and the eye and jaw line up but that other shot screams male. Pretty sure it’s just a young male that was likely a mouse fish elsewhere and had moved up into this tributary.”