Fishing Shoreline Estuaries with a Switch Rod

Producer: Jeff Putnam

This video segment is from Switch Rod Casting Techniques (Jeff Putnam’s Fly Fishing Schools, DVD and Blu-Ray).

Jeff Putnam, a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Single-Handed andTwo-Handed Casting Instructor, discusses how best to approach saltwater shoreline and estuary fishing opportunities, emphasizing the strength of switch rods at covering water and controlling the fly line in challenging currents.

EXCERPT: “This area has lots of food coming in. We may have some baitfish coming into the his estuary or creek as it comes into the surf. And we also have these waves in the surf zone here turning up the sand, and there are a lot of little crabs and sand eels. So there’s plenty of food for these fish to kind of congregate in this area, making it one of the more productive spots we fish in shorelines.”