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How to Tie an October Caddis Skater

This October Caddis Skater or Skating October Caddis can be fished as a dry fly, simply dead-drifted with the current or kind of skated across the water’s surface using short strips.
Salmon Fly

“Montana Salmon Fly”

Detonation Studios' take on salmon fly season in Montana.
Midge Life Cycle

The Life Cycle of Midges

Midges are the most common and diverse aquatic insects in the world. They occupy habitats ranging from sewage ponds to crytalline alpine lakes.

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The Life Cycle of Mayflies

Ralph and Lisa Cutter's documentary work has appeared on National Geographic, PBS, and the BBC.

“Hatch” Trailer

The trailer for Gin Clear Media's new DVD "Hatch" includes phenomenal footage of insects, hatches, water and fishing.