“Drinking w/ Scissors, Episode 11” – Sparkle Dun

Producer: Black Earth Angling Co.

“The Sparkle Dun is a Craig Mathews creation and we should all thank him for it. Those of you looking for an easy to tie and highly effective Beatis dry fly imitation, look no further. This thing rocks and is responsible for many great days on the water. As Nick mentions, the Driftless produces BWO hatches darn near year round and if you don’t have this fly in your box you’re missin’ out. Follow Nick’s advice here and don’t tie just one, tie a bunch. You can swap out colors to match whatever mayfly dun you are after. We’d recommend having sizes 12-18 in your dry box. Get after it!”

Thread: Danville 6/0 Olive Dun
Hook: Straight eye dry fly hook (size 18 in video)
Wing: Medium Dun Cow Elk (quality matters here)
Shuck & Tail: Z-lon
Body: Polypropylene Dubbing Olive Dun (Spirit River UV2 in the video)