Czech Nymphing 101

Steve Parrott introduces Czech nymping in his popular DVD “Czech Nymphing 101.”

“When setting up your flies for the Czech method, you have a couple different options.

You can run three flies, which is great for big water or deep water, but it can be a little more problematic when fishing because it wants to tangle a little bit, especially when you catch a fish.  When setting up that three-fly method though you’ll want to light fly on the very first dropper. The middle position, second dropper down is going to be your heaviest fly. That way the flies will actually sink in a V when they come down and you’ll have a light fly on top and the heaviest fly, your anchor fly, is going to be in the middle position.

In a three-fly rig when you’re setting up a fly rig you always want the heaviest anchor fly on the bottom or point position and then you can run a lighter offering up top. Whether it will have a bead, no weight or a little weight, it doesn’t really matter in that top position. The only time you would switch those flies around on a Czech nymph rig, as well as a Polish or a French rig and even the Spanish, is if you want to fish some really shallow water and that bottom fly is going to hang up really bad in that six to 18 inches of water.

In that case you’re going to move your heaviest fly up to the dropper tag and run your lighter fly on the back. That way, moving the rod up and down or back and forth downstream, you can control the depth of your drift a little bit better. Because if you’re trying to control the depth of the drift with the heaviest fly on the bottom then you’re going to be lifting it to where your top fly is not in the water.”

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