Travel Videos


"Chasing the Run"

A new trailer for Patagonia Nation's upcoming "Chasing the Run."

Autumn Fly Fishing, Rocky Mountain National Park

Jerry Neal films guide Iolanthe "IO" Culjak fly fishing at Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park.

On the Beaverkill

A short video from photographer Chris Layda, filming his friend fly fishing in the Catskills.

"Girls Just Wanna... Fish!"

Tim Flagler profiles four women—including Carol Oglesby, the Fly Fishing Federation's 2006 Woman of the Year—as...

"Tempest Milky Way"

"Storm and star shots" by Randy Halverson, filmed in South Dakota during the months of June thru August, 2011. Tempest...

New Orleans Preview

Waterline Media delivers wintertime footage of fly fishing for redfish and black drum in the marshes of Louisiana.

Geofish Trailer

The new trailer for independent media production company Motiv's upcoming cross-country video.