Mice Attacked by Brook Trout | Labrador

Producer: The New Fly Fisher

Labrador has long been famous for the size and number of its brook trout, which is why Tom Rosenbauer always had it on his “bucket list.” Tom is a passionate small stream trout angler, and previous to his trip to Three Rivers Lodge his largest Brook Trout brought to hand was fifteen inches. Colin McKeown, host of The New Fly Fisher TV series, has been for years badgering Tom to visit Labrador, and especially Three Rivers Lodge, to experience the incredible topwater brook trout fishing. You can imagine the excitement Tom experienced when he finally saw his first twenty-inch plus brookie crush a mouse pattern on the surface.

This video is a collage of slow-motion surface takes by these brilliantly colored fish. The mouse pattern that worked the best, skittered along the surface, was Cermele’s Master Splinter, which replicates perfectly the silhouette and action of a hapless mouse that has fallen into the river. Needless to say, Tom broke his fifteen inch record many, many times on this trip and was truly blown away by the ferocity of these giant eastern brook trout when offered a little mouse. The full length episode produced with Tom Rosenbauer at Three Rivers Lodge will premiere on YouTube Saturday 23rd of March on The New Fly Fisher Channel.


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