“Beyond the Fish”

Producer: Jensen Fly Fishing

“As we continue to share the beauty about fly fishing trout streams, there’s no more wondrous location than beech forests of New Zealand’s South Island. You’ve no doubt seen the tales of the mouse year event that occurs every 4 or 5 years, as is present now. You’ve likely seen photos of the massive trout present in these waters. We deliberately limited ourselves to 3 short days on these waters on this year’s trip. These waters are special, unique, and home to an incredible ecosystem. It’s the entirety of the ecosystem that creates the mouse year events. And it’s this ecosystem, the ‘where,’ that is incredibly special, and begging anglers so focused on huge trout to stop and revere where they are standing is. ‘Beyond The Fish’ begs you to stop the endless search of the next huge mouse year trout… and pause.”