“Anyfin Goes” | Montana Trout Fishing

Producer: Randy Newberg

“For Marcus and Michael, ANYFIN GOES! In episode 2 of this Montana fishing tour they focus on the variety of trout occupying the many blue-ribbon streams that are just a short drive from their homes. They explore multiple rivers utilizing both fly rod and spinner.

Diving into the history of both trout and river, the guys explain how the sport of fly-fishing in Montana came to be such a big industry pumping over a billion dollars into the state every year. From introducing invasive species to damming rivers, humans have certainly made a large impact on water formerly swimming with only native species.

Nevertheless, catching a rainbow or brown trout on a dryfly and returning it back to the water is an enjoyable way to enjoy the river. But Marcus argues his thoughts on why you might consider keeping a couple every now and then to bring home for the smoker.”