Estancia Tecka Lodge | Chubut Province, Argentina

Estancia Tecka Lodge is truly one of the best-kept secrets in Patagonia. Dating back more than a century, this massive ranch is home to 90,000 sheep who produce more than 800,000 pounds of organic wool each year. This sprawling 435,000 acre working ranch is home to an unbelievable 96 miles of private water. Guests could spend a lifetime exploring the waters of the Corcovado River, the Tecka Spring Creek, Monsters Lake or any of the other smaller tributaries and springs on the property. Wild pink flamingos, rheas, and guanacos roam the ranch while giant Andean Condors soar overhead—all in the shadow of the magnificent Andes. The two fully furnished lodges offer gourmet food and wine and world-class hospitality in this Patagonian paradise.

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Guests may stay at one of two incredible lodges on the property: Headquarters Lodge is the original ranch house dating to the 1920’s—completely updated with traditional estancia character. Caridad is the newest lodge, resting on the banks of the Corcovado River with the Andes as a backdrop.

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