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On Learning

Teaching someone a skill you know well can a very rewarding endeavor. It can also be one of the most frustrating. And as Marshall Cutchin writes of his recent trip to Florida, teaching his son and daughter on the flats, … more

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Fishing Tops Lighting-Related Deaths

A recent study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration places anglers at the top of the list of lightning-related deaths. As fly fishers are prime targets, make sure to read more about safety precautions to take via the information … more

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Fish Tales

Often there’s only a fine line separating a lie from a story. But the difference is there if you have a trained eye and ear; one is faux pas, the other is considered an art among fishermen. Jake McGlothlin writes … more

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The Complete Caddisfly

Caddisfly hatches are perhaps the epitome of summer insect events. Yet before their emergence, there’s a lot going on (and being eaten) below the surface. Recently in American Angler, Bill Erdington explained how understanding the complete lifecycle and a trout’s … more

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Mountain Whitefish

While science has shown they do not compete with trout and in fact provide a food source for larger trout, mountain whitefish are still seen by some anglers as a problem species. But from their aggressive takes to taste after … more

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Apex Predation

The interplay of competition, strategy, and game run full strength when two apex predators come face to face: man and muskie. In a recent essay, David Goodrich highlights the ten-thousandth and first cast, and instinct too. “Much like a moth … more

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Home Waters

Going “home” is not always to a building, or street you walked to the school bus as a kid. Sometimes, it’s to water. And if you’re lucky, writes Ian Anderson, there will be smallies there to welcome you back.

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Mia Sheppard’s Casting Focus

World champion spey caster Mia Sheppard shares the focus of her training leading up to the recent Spey-O-Rama competition held in the casting ponds of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. And her practice may surprise you: breathing and rhythm.

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First Smallmouth

The longer you fish, the more you realize that even small successes on difficult days are memorable.  That’s never more true than when you come close to giving up.  Or when loss of hope causes you do something entirely silly. … more

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Quick Tip: Pluck your Leader Like a Guitar to Remove Debris


TROUT magazine editor Kirk Deeter gives us a super simple trick to remove any type of algae, weeds, or any other plant life your fly might have picked up while drifting in the water column. Not only does it remove debris … more

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