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Fly Fishing Knots: Pretty Ain't Always Practical

“‘No, don’t bother,’ he said with a smile. ‘The trout don’t care about the leader going in one side of the fly. Why should they care about it coming out the other side?’” This piece on getting real about the … more

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Fishing Knots: The Weakest Link

“My failure was pointed out when twice I lost hooked fish, only to pull my line in to find the end of my tippet curled like a pig tail, right where the knot came undone. The lesson, somewhat painfully learned, … more

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Fly Fishing Knots: How to Tie the Slim Beauty Knot

New on MidCurrent: If you are a saltwater fly fisher chances are you’ve heard of or even used the Slim Beauty knot. That’s a remarkable thing to say about a knot that gained prominent use among Key West tarpon guides … more

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Going Furled

“Adkins, a retired sheet-metal worker from Barboursville, has revived the old-fashioned practice of making ‘furled’ or ‘twined’ leaders. The originals, which were standard-issue angling equipment in the 1800s, were made of horsehair or silk. Adkins makes his from modern polyester … more

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Orvis Animated Fly Fishing Knots Page

Bill Kiene posted a link on his forum to this page on the Orvis Web site that shows steps for how to tie 8 knots, including the Clinch, Blook Knot, Nail Knot and Non-Slip Mono Loop. (By the way, if … more

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Rigging Strike Indicators for Trout

Brant Oswald follows up last week’s introduction to fishing with indicators with a detailed look at the options for rigging fly fishing indicators. “One of the most commonly seen ways to rig yarn is to place a piece of yarn … more

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Wire Leaders: Chico Fernandez Gets "All Wired Up"

In this new primer on using wire on MidCurrent, Chico reports in his usual comprehensive way on the why’s and how-to’s of building shock tippets from single-strand wire. Essential reading if you’re pursuing barracuda, mackerel, sharks and other toothy critters. … more

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Fly Fishing Knots: Origins of the "Slim Beauty"

In the past 12 years, the “Slim Beauty” has become one of the most popular knots in saltwater fly fishing, due to both its simplicity and its performance. The Slim Beauty allows leader material of different diameters to be connected … more

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Rules Shmules

I once asked a new client from France how many permit he had caught on fly. His response, there in the middle of the Marquesas, was “23.” He proceeded to pull a small, label-less tube from his fishing bag and … more

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Good Knots, Bad Knots, Old Knots

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to land a big tarpon on my 16-year-old Sage RPLx 1190. Sticking to the 15-minute rule (fish to the boat) was challenging, and I had to seek endorsement for various special … more

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