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Does How You Thread a Fly Eye Matter?

Is there a right way to thread the tippet through the eye of a fly? That question from a MidCurrent reader elicited lively feedback from the experts we polled. It only matters when you tie a Turle knot, Montana guide … more

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The Right Leaders for Largemouth Bass

In this week’s “Fine Lines” column, Phil Monahan discusses how to construct the right types of largemouth bass leaders. Excerpt: “‘Lefty Kreh and I have been going round and round on this question for years,’ says John Likakis, former editor … more

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Ask the Expert: "Fine Lines" on MidCurrent

This week Phil Monahan, former long-time editor of American Angler magazine, will begin responding to reader-submitted questions in a new section of our site and homepage called “Fine Lines.” He starts with something very simple: how to unravel prepackaged leaders … more

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Knot Video: Tying the Blind Splice Loop

For many fly fishers, tying a backing knot is like programming a car radio clock — it’s simple enough when you follow the manual, but just about impossible to remember a few months later. But if you fly fish for …

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New Video: Tying the Bimini Twist

New on MidCurrent: George Anderson shares a video from his new knot-tying DVD “Terminal Tactics for Fly Fishing.” He shows his preferred technique for tying the Bimini Twist, one of the more difficult knots to tie in fly fishing, but …

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Tying the Kreh Non-Slip Mono Loop Knot

No one learns the importance of knot strength until it really matters. In my case, that was after chasing permit with a client for three days, seeing him finally hook a fish — and then watching my poor excuse for … more

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Knot Tying Video: The Perfection Loop

When tying loop-to-loop leader systems, there are only a couple of knots that make good sense. One is the Surgeon’s Loop — which can be tied with 2 or 3 turns, depending on tippet diameter and desired strength — and … more

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Fly Fishing Knots: The "X" Knot

Speaking of “Location X,” we found an interesting new knot on Tom Rowland’s “Saltwater Experience” Web site the other day. It’s called the “X Knot” (we think), and was authored by the guide who pushed the boat around in HowardFilms’s … more

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Fly Fishing Knots: The Davy Knot

Knots that are quick and simple and do a great job of attaching flies to light tippets are few and far between. One such knot is the Davy Knot. It’s worth considering if you want to try something stronger than … more

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It's Not the Knot

The more one reads about knots and more practice one has in tying them, the easier it is to understand why how well a knot is tied makes as much — or more — difference in its strength than its … more

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