Video: How to Tie a Uni-Knot

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie aUni-Knotin this week's featured video. "The Uni Knot may be the most versatile fishing knot there is," says Flagler. In the video he shows not only how to use the knot to tie tippet to hook, but also how to use it to create a loop for attaching dropper fly rigs and for connecting two pieces of leader material.

How to Tie a Perfection Loop

Tim Flagler departs from his regular fly pattern schedule this week to show How to Tie a Perfection Loop.   The Perfection Loop is most commonly used in butt sections and leaders to make for easy loop-to-loop connections, but it can also be used to attachflies, particularly streamers that benefit from a wide range of motion.

How to Tie the Non-Slip Loop Knot

Tim Flagler demonstrates the steps in tying the Non-Slip Loop Knot in this week's featured video.   It's not the easiest knot to tie, but it is absolutely worth the effort, says Flagler.  "It's a knot that every fly fisherman--actually every fisherman--should know how to tie."

How to Tie the Davy Knot

This week's featured video shows you how to tie both the Davy Knot and the Improved (or Double) Davy Knot, small-profile knots that are easy to learn and perfect for flies size 18 and under.

How to Build the Perfect Trout Leader

"Building a Leader" is the subject of this week's featured video.  Tim Flager covers every step in the leader-assembly process for a 10-foot 4X leader, from segment measurement to knotting.

Video: How and Why to Tie the Triple Figure-Eight Knot

Oliver White explains why streamer aficionados and anglers who use loop-to-loop knots with heavier pieces of mono or fluoro should consider using the Triple Figure-Eight knot.

Video Hatch: How to Tie a Non-Slip Mono Loop Knot

The Colorado Department of Wildlife just published this video demonstrating how to tie a No-Slip Mono Loop knot (AKA Non-Slip Mono Loop or Kreh Loop Knot).  There are a few different variations of this knot, but all of them have excellent strength and are fairly easy to tie.  Hint: The smaller the overhand knot, the smaller the loop...

New Gear: The "Invisaswivel"

Granted, most fly fishers don't think of swivels as an essential part of rigging, but the new super-clear Invisaswivel from Aquateko is worth a second look if you're the inquisitive type. It got us wondering why it's taken so long to get fluorocarbon out of the single-strand mono and into other types of leader connections. And at $1 a piece, we might even...

Video Hatch: How to Measure Class and Shock for Saltwater Records

The International Game Fish Association just produced this short video on how to measure class and shock tippets to qualify catches for world records. As you can see from the video, the class tippet must be at least 15 inches long, and the shock cannot be more than 12. More than a few potential world records have been lost because these measurements were a...

Knot Video: How to Tie a Nail Knot

If you're in the mood for knots, Tim Flagler's excellent video demonstration of how to tie a Nail Knot will have you tying (or re-tying) butt-to-fly-line connections in no time at all. Tim's is a faster version -- sometimes called the "Speedy Nail Knot" -- and along with a partially straightened paper clip it belongs in everyone's bag of tricks.