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Winston Bamboo Is Back!

After being destroyed by a fire in May of 2017, the R.L. Winston Rod Company has announced the reopening of their Bamboo Shop in Twin Bridges, Montana.

Video: Winston Boron III Plus Series

Jeff McGowen from Winston Fly Rods talks about how the Boron III Plus Series generates an extreme amount of line speed that helps when throwing big bugs, battling wind, and fishing bigger bodies of water.

Video: New Plus Series Rods from Winston

Adam Hutchinson from Winston Rods details the features of the Saltwater, Freshwater, and "Jungle" series of Boron III Plus series of rods that are new from the company this year.

Retro Rod Review: Four Graphite Models that Changed the Fly Fishing World

In marketing-speak, we’ve been through so much “next generation” graphite hype in the last 20 years that, if you actually buy the hyperbole, you might just think a rod made in the mid-1990s is virtually unfishable. That is, of course, utter hogwash. No matter what anyone tells you, fly rods have not, in fact, evolved at the same techno-pace as things...