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Video: Tibor Reels - New Products for 2016

Marianne Papa of Tibor Reel Corporation shows off the new hub colors for the Tibor Signature series and a spool pattern change for the standard Riptide series.

Tibor Adds New Size to Its Signature Series Fly Reels

For 2012, Tibor will be adding an 11/12 model to their Signature Series. Made entirely in the U.S., the series features a completely ventilated spool and frame made of durable bar-stock aluminum. More importantly, Ted Juracsik designed an entirely new waterproof sealed drag system which can be taken apart for self-maintenance yet still remain under...

2012 Fly Reels

PLAIN AND SIMPLE, 2012 is not a year for revolutionary drag systems, spool designs, or materials when it comes to fly reels. What we see a lot in next year's reel models are mostly extensions of good ideas and redesigns of time-proven features. Tibor has extended the very successful design of the Signature series into the tarpon market with the 11-12...

Ted Juracsik: Revolutionary and Reel Maker

Ted Juracsik walked from Budapest to Austria before finding his way to New York City and a new life in the U.S. In his own distinctive voice, he traces the remarkable path from his beginnings in Hungary as a soccer player and tool and die machinist to his eventual emergence as one of the world's top fly reel designers. Podcast Excerpt: "It took me almost a...