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Video: Tacky Fly Fishing Dry Fly Box

Tacky Fly Fishing has made it their goal over the past couple years to reinvent the fly box with their silicone inserts. This year their new "Dry Fly" box continued the trend, winning an award at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show. Spencer Higa gives MidCurrent the details.

Video: Umpqua ZeroSweep Cooler-Gater

Umpqua Feather Merchants won a "best of" in this year's (2016) New Product Showcase at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Orlando with the Cooler-Gater. What exactly is a Cooler-Gater? Brent Bauer from Umpqua explains in the video above.

Video: Tacky Fly Fishing Unveils Two New Products

Tim Jenkins, co-founder of Tacky Fly Fishing, gives MidCurrent the lowdown on two of the company's newest products: a new larger silicone insert box and a reinvention of the fly patch.

Video: Tacky Fly Fishing Silicone Fly Box

Tim Jenkins from Tacky Fly Fishing explains the company's fly box, which won Best New Fly Box at this year's International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Orlando last week. The box is made with a slit-silicone insert, rather than regular foam. What that means is that it is less apt to stretch and wear out as you pull and replace flies in the box. The material...