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How to Tie a Freestyle Fall Favorite

Dave McKenna demonstrates how to tie hisFreestyle Fall Favorite, a takeoff on a popularsalmon and steelhead pattern that’s been around for decades. As videographer Tim Flagler notes, this pattern has "fooled not only kings but cohos, steelhead and brown trout as well."

Is There Such Thing As a "Steelhead Rod?"

Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected] Question: Is there really a steelhead fly rod or is that a sales hype? I fish the Great Lakes Tributaries and would like to know what rod characteristics would do best for this type of steelheading? Dave Sabol, Louisville, KY Answer: I can see how the vast array of rods available to...

"Anatomy of a Steelheader"

That was it! The final cast in the ritualistic series of last casts which can sometimes go on for hours. Dark had descended upon the Kispiox, and walking out along the water’s edge at this hour with the odd bear munching on a stinking pink salmon carcass could be risky business in this part of British Columbia. But that was part of the deal. At least it...

Review: "Holding Lies"

THE TROUBLE WITH what passes for fly fishing literature these days is prose that overshadows the fishing, or even worse, fishing that overshadows even weaker prose. Too many current authors attempt to write in the style of Norman Maclean, Thomas McGuane, or David James Duncan—and most fail miserably. Enter writer John Larison, a man with the talent and...

Fly Fishing Jazz: How Deep is the Ocean?

I’ll borrow from this jazz standard, best covered by Billie Holliday and Charlie Parker, to make a very important point about fly fishing, especially fly fishing with nymphs and wet flies. The depth at which your flies float through the presentation zone matters at least 10 times more than the subtleties of the fly patterns you fish. As such, I will...

Video Hatch: "Metalhead"

It's been over a year since the Angling Exploration Group produced "Metalhead," Volume 2 of the Trout Bum Diaries. Chris Keig owner of WebEye Group and the Fly Fishing Film Tour, just posted the trailer—which contains examples of some very sharp filmwork. (Buy "Metalhead" on MidCurrent.)

"Metalhead" Trailer

Trailer for the full-length DVD "Metalhead" produced by Angling Exploration Group.

"Big Pants"

LET ME TELL YOU about the Niagara River. For one thing, technically it is not a river. It is, by definition, a thoroughfare — a connective waterway linking Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. But to most people, including me, it's a river. Above Niagara Falls the serene stretch serving as the actual border between USA and Ontario, Canada, appears to be more akin...

Ask the Expert: "Is There Such Thing As a 'Steelhead Rod'?"

Is there such thing as a "steelhead rod?" This week Phil Monahan asks a few Great Lakes steelhead experts and gets a unanimous "Yes."

Golf Course Steelhead

Underwater camera documents the return of native steelhead to a golf course in the middle of Portland, Oregon.