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How to Recognize a Problem Bear

Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected] Question: Okay, now I know to carry bear spray, but I see lots of photos of anglers fishing near bears without a confrontation. How can you tell the difference between a bear that’s minding its own business and one that’s going to be a problem? Todd S., New York City Answer: First...

Video Hatch: "Gaula – River of Silver & Gold"

The short version of “Gaula – River of Silver & Gold,” produced by Daniel Göz and Anton Hamacher and shot exclusively on the NFC waters, River Gaula, Norway—one of the last remaining wild salmon rivers in Europe.

Judge Says "Time to Consider Removing Northwest Dams"

The Associated Press reported yesterday that a U.S. Federal judge ruled that "the Obama administration’s attempt to make federal hydroelectric dams in the Northwest safer for protected salmon violates the Endangered Species Act," and that it was time to consider removing dams instead.  From The New York Times.

"Sudden Agility"

When I’se in trouble, scare, or torment, I does but one thing, and that’s unresistable, unequalled, and durned-fast runnin. I just keeps at it till I gits comfort. — George Washington Harris, Sut Lovingood REMEMBER WHEN Leave It to Beaver was cutting-edge TV and not a sociological anachronism on Nick at Night? When Fury was both a heartwarming TV show...

"A Moveable Feast"

ANOTHER MILE and the river horseshoes back from the old highway into a woods of Douglas fir, hemlock, cedar, and vinemaple. The most beautiful section of the drift begins here, and for a time I put up the oars, sit on the flydeck, and watch the river, partly for salmon, but mostly for itself. In the smooth glides, every detail on the bottom rises in relief...