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RIO Makes Rigging Easier

RIO Products has announced its new Fly Clips and Fly Twists, accessories to make rigging easier and quicker for anglers.

2019 RIO Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards

The RIO Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards will kick off January 1, 2019, and will run through the end of June. “The rules are quite simple - make a 3-minute or less fly fishing film, and enter your film to be judged by the RIO panel, and by like-minded fly fishing enthusiasts on a variety of social media outlets.” Visit the RIO website to learn more about...

RIO’s DirectCore Gets Introduced Into Its Best-Selling Bonefish Line

RIO Products has announced a new line designed specifically for chasing bonefish. The DirectCore Bonefish Line was the the winner of the Best New Saltwater Fly Line at IFTD.

The Expanding World of Trout Spey

You may have overheard a few fellas at your local fly shop talking about two handed rods, trout Spey fishing, and the confusing menagerie of lines. At first you might be saying to yourself, I thought that Spey Rods were for fishing for salmon in the UK or hunting steelhead in the NW. Trout? Who would fool themselves into fishing for a silly 2-pound trout...

Fishpond and RIO Products Collaborate on Tippet-Loaded Headgate

Fishpond and RIO Products have announced their collaboration on creating the Headgate Tippet Holder. The Headgate is made from anodized aerospace aluminum with a built-in line cutter and holds five RIO Powerflex tippet spools. Read more in the press release below. Fishpond and RIO Products Collaborate on Tippet-Loaded Headgate IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (March 2...

Video: New Technology from RIO Products for 2014

Simon Gawesworth of RIO Products talks about the new technology in their 2014 fly lines.

2012 Fly Lines

THE LINE AN ANGLER uses can dramatically influence the distance, accuracy, and fish catching ability of any rod. Think about it—a ratty old fly line on an expensive fly rod will yield a lesser cast than a good line on a cheap rod (in the right hands) any day. When you factor in things like the types of flies you fish, the depth at which you must present...

Under-Appreciated Gear: RIO Extreme Tippet

SOME TIME AGO, in a blog post I read (origin long forgotten), the author provided an alarming account of a speculative concern that Guiness Stout may no longer be offered in the US; lack of consumption being the root cause.  I immediately rushed to the liquor store and picked up several cases.  I have not been able to substantiate the opinion, nor have I...

Tip of the World Trout

THE CURRENT IS PUSHY and my brother, Michael, and I have waded deep. Our felt soles skid intermittently along the gravel bottom, but we stay where we are and continue to cast toward the opposite bank. We aren't always as careful as we should be. We are slightly competitive, too — me more than him even though he's clearly more skilled. Michael became a...