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How to Tie a Size 22 Parachute Adams

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Parachute Adams Size 22 in this week's featured tying video. "A size 22 Parachute Adams strikes fear in the hearts of fly tiers, both novice and advanced," says Flagler, "but fear not: with a few little tricks and a good bit of practice, you’ll be tying them with confidence in no time."

Experts' Top Ten Dry and Wet Flies

Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected] Question: How do you organize your fresh water fly boxes? Do you have a Top-10 list of dry & wet flies that you'll always carry? Mark C., Chattanooga, TN Answer: There are lots of ways to organize your flies: by season, by species, by kind of water, by fly style, by color, and so...

Fly Fishing Jazz: “The Rest”

IN MY LAST "JAZZ" COLUMN, I wrote about Charlie Parker and the Be-Bop style, which described firing off notes (perfect notes), in rapid progression. And Be-Bop is amazing, if for no other reason than it demonstrates technical acumen on a level that can (and should) be appreciated, even if it cannot be duplicated. We fly fishers should strive to be able to...

Unmatching the Hatch

ONE OF THE MYTHS of spring-creek fishing is that you can't catch trout unless you know exactly what the trout are feeding on and select a fly that precisely matches the insect they're eating. I have known some very good anglers who carry only a few simple patterns that catch a lot of fish. Their theory is that if you make a perfect presentation it doesn't...