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Nautilus Reels Launches Custom Reel Builder

Nautilus has announced the launch of their new online custom reel builder.From frame color to drag knob color to fish engravings, anglers can now see exactly what they are ordering and easily make changes.

Video: Nautilus's X Series Fly Reels

Kristen Mustad of Nautilus Fly Reels explains why the newest reel, called the X series, just won both fresh- and saltwater best new reel categories at this year's industry trade show.

Video: Nautilus CCFX2 Reels

Kristen Mustad of Nautilus Reels explains the CCFX2 Silver King reels, which won two awards at this year's International Fly Tackle Dealer's Show in Orlando. The CCFX2 Silver King is another pairing of light, yet durable aluminum frame with high-performance drag technology.

Video: Nautilus Reels's Award-Winning CCFX2 Explained

Jesus Marmol of Nautilus reels explains the company's newest addition to their stellar line  of fresh- and saltwater reels named the CCFX2.  The reel won Best of Show at the IFTD trade show and retails from $425 - $555 depending on size.

Podcast Interview: Kristen Mustad of Nautilus Fly Reels

In this week's podcast interview we chat with Kristen Mustad of Nautilus fly reels. His family has been in the fishing business in some form or fashion since 1832 when Ole Mustad started O Mustad & Son. Apparently Kristen hasn't lost that drive and curiosity for tinkering with metal manufacturing and chasing things in the ocean—all of which has led...

Picking the Perfect Bonefish Reel and Converting Others for Double Duty

Fellow fishing photographer and flats fishing nut Louis Cahill over at Gink and Gasoline says that last time he went bonefishing he "needed a reel with a really large arbor but didn’t relish the idea of dropping the cash on another new bonefish reel." Fortunately he had another solution: "I had a Nautilus NV Ten-Eleven, a great saltwater reel. I bought...

Nautilus Revive Fishing Scale

The Revive fishing scale is a compact fishing and travel scale that comes in handy, whether you want to keep a fishing buddy honest, or avoid “excess weight” bag fees at the airport on your way to a fishing trip. We just took it to Canada for a pike story, and it came in handy on both fronts. At the airport, hook it on your bag and lift; a beep will...

Nautilus Cranks in IFTD Award for New “Monster” Fly Reel

NAUTILUS IS SET TO LAUNCH the newest member of its popular NV reel series, and this one is appropriately called “The Monster.” Sure, this thing is a beast at first glance. With a hefty five-inch diameter, the Monster cranks up nearly a foot and a half of line with every turn of the spool. But here’s the thing that won the hearts of voters at the...

New Reels from Nautilus

FWX Series Nautilus's 2011 FWX Series reels incorporate their new "Giga Spool" design.  The reels come with a large-arbor, pop-on/click-off spool, which is ported for light weight and to allow backing to dry faster.  The spools are also interchangeable with the discontinued FW series.   Each FWX Series spool features Nautilus's LaserID line-labeling...