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Mystic Au Sable Fly Rod

If you don’t know much about Mystic fly rods now, you will soon. The company’s new “Au Sable” series rods are 8-foot, 3-inch models for a variety of applications, from freshwater to saltwater. Interestingly, Mystic rods were first conceived overseas, but they are now assembled in western Michigan—and they’re winning casting/performance...

Mystic Outdoors Vest Retractor

There's not a whole lot to say about this simple, affordable retractor (from the Mystic Rods company), other than it is made with a carabiner clip, it has a steel-coated wire, and a powerful zip that can dead-lift 2.5 ounces—and it only costs $4.99. More info on the Mystic Outdoors Web site.  More Mystic mentions on MidCurrent.

Review: Mystic Tremor Salt Water 8-Weight

MY DEMANDS for an eight-weight fly rod? They are, in no particular order: versatility in terms of what species I can bring in, enough backbone to rapidly and adequately get out a 4-to-6-inch needlefish pattern (or weighted crab/clouser), a reasonable level of sensitivity, and full-day comfort in casting (something I wouldn't necessarily expect from a #10)...