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Tying a Griffith's Gnat

Tim Flagler shows how to tie the classic Griffith's Gnat fly. Authored by George Griffith, the pattern is an effective imitation of virtually any small insect: midges, midge emergers, or tiny mayflies.

Midge Fishing in Paradise

FOR MANY ANGLERS, the mere mention of midge fishing strikes terror into their hearts. The thought of nearly invisible flies, ultra-thin tippets, and selective trout conjures up images of frustrating fishing and few fish brought to hand. But for the visitor to the spring creeks and stillwaters in the Paradise Valley of Montana, midge fishing may produce some...

The Life Cycle of Midges

This clip is from "Bugs of the Underworld" (Ralph & Lisa Cutter, DVD, 37 minutes) and features the chapter on midges. Ralph & Lisa Cutter's documentary work has appeared on National Geographic, PBS, BBC, TROUT, and at the California Academy of Sciences. This DVD showcases their extraordinary skill in underwater cinematography, and also features...