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Video: Hatch Outdoors Nippers

Danny Ashcroft from Hatch Outdoors dishes on the company's newest high-end accessory, the Hatch Nipper, as well as their newest prototype reel knobs.

Video: Hatch Outdoors Expands Beyond Reels

John Torok of Hatch Outdoors explains some of the newest products for 2015 from the company that's mostly known for its quality reels.

Video: Hatch Nomad Pliers

John Torok of Hatch Outdoors gives us the rundown on the new Nomad pliers. They were the winner of the 2015 Field & Stream Best of the Best award this year and feature "Tungsten Carbide for abrasion resistance and reliable cuts through all fishing line material. The jaws are machined from 1704 stainless steel made for ultimate corrosion resistance and...

Video: New Hatch Outdoors Reel,The Two Plus

John Torok of Hatch Outdoors gives MidCurrent the skinny on the company's newest lightweight trout reel called the Two Plus.

Podcast Interview: Hatch Reel Founder John Torok

Hatch Outdoors front-man John Torok talks to MidCurrent about developing a totally new type of fly-line backing for the industry, a smaller-sized addition to their Finatic fly reel line for 2012, and what golf putters have to do with making fly reels. Direct download: MidCurrent Interviews John Torok "My previous life was spent in commercial printing...

Gear Review: Hatch Outdoors Tempest Pliers

Let's be honest. Van Staal is, and has been, the "gold standard" in fishing pliers for many years now, with very good reason. They don't rust, they always grab, and always cut even the thickest line materials. They've even become an icon—he (or she) who sports the Van Staals on the belt clearly knows quality. I have a pair of Van Staals myself, and love...

Hatch Outdoors Introduces New Finatic Reel Series

Hatch Outdoors Finatic I’ve been singing the praises for Hatch reels for several years now, and have literally fished these reels from Alaska to the tip of South America, up and down the Baja, and many places in between.  Cold, hot, salty, icy, sandy, sloppy… it doesn’t matter.  The drag system is fully sealed, the tolerances on the frame and spool...