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Hardy Releases New Ultralite LL Rod Series

Hardy—a company long revered for their classic reels, and lately, their fantastic fly rods—just announced a new rod series, dubbed the Ultralite LL. These rods are designed to work primarily as Euro nymphing tools, although a few of the models double as dry-dropper rods. Ranging in length from 9'2" to 11'2", and in weights 0-4, the Ultralite LL series...

Video: Hardy Ultralite CADD Reels

Howard Croston, brand manager for Hardy, gives MidCurrent the heavy on the exceptionally light Ultralite CADD series of fly reels from the company.

Video: New Hardy Rod Series

Howard Croston from Hardy explains the newest series of rods from the manufacturer for 2016.

Video: Hardy Zephrus Saltwater Series Fly Rods

Howard Croston goes deep on detail about Hardy's one- and four-piece Zephrus salt water fly rods, new for 2016.

Video: Hardy & Greys' New "Jet" Series of Fly Rods

Howard Croston, rod designer for Hardy & Greys, explains the new Jet series of fly rods. The rods feature SINTRIX™ material and techniques pioneered in the award-winning Zenith range of rods but are quite a bit less expensive. There are twenty rods in the series, covering the all single and double-hand models for freshwater fishing, as well as ten...

Hardy Zenith 4-Weight Rod Wins Yellowstone Angler "Shootout"

The Hardy Zenith 8'6" 4 weight has won Yellowstone Angler's 2012 4-weight shootout. In the past the shootout has consisted of #8 and #5 rods. This is the first year they have looked at the lighter lines. Read the detailed report and how the totals were decided, as well as details on the 12 rods, over at the Yellowstone Angler 4-Weight Shootout.

Hardy Zenith One-Piece Fly Rod

Hardy made a huge splash last year with its rod series that use “Sintrix” technology.  They cast like a dream, are very responsive, and they have incredible reserve power for fighting fish. New for this year, the company has come out with a Zenith line of one-piece freshwater fly rods. They are 8-foot, 10-inches long (to match shipping specs from UPS...

Hardy Introduces Ultralight and Fortuna X Reels

Hardy UltraLite The Hardy name is synonymous with classic fly tackle, and perhaps in no single product category has that iconic brand carried more weight than in fly reels. Thankfully, Hardy is still producing revamped classics like the “Bouglé,” the “Cascapedia,” and the “Marquis.” But the company has really been pushing its boundaries with...

2012 Fly Rods

THE QUESTION more and more fly anglers are asking themselves these days is, “Do I really have to spend $700 for a great fly rod?” The answer, of course, is no. In the hand of a great caster, any rod will catch fish. After all, rods don’t cast themselves. That said, if you ask whether or not some rods are made better than others, and can optimize...

Hardy Two-Handers... and Cane

Also from Hardy, you’ll want to check out a new lineup of two-handers, like the Zenith DH, and the XF2 DH. We haven’t cast those yet, so the review is pending. Hardy is also going back to its roots with a classic “Gladstone” cane series, a “Moran” cane series, crafted in England by Tom Moran for $4,000, a spendy ($1,300 to just under $2,000...