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New GoPro: Hero3 Black Edition Smaller, Lighter and More Powerful


For all you fly fishing nuts who like to document your fishing outings with the GoPro camera system, your choices just got a little bit better with the new Wi-Fi enabled HERO3. The Hero3 Black Edition is the most advanced … more

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Video: How to Use an Egg Timer to Make a Simple GoPro Time-Lapse Panning Unit


The GoPro HD Camera has become all the rage of late as an easy-to-use, pocketable, and waterproof solution to take fishing snapshots and record your day out on the water. Third-party accessories are almost out of control, as are the … more

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Gear Video: GoPro Underwater Dive Housing & Wi-Fi Combo Kit


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love my GoPro camera for shooting underwater fishing. That’s why I had to share the fact that GoPro has finally come out with their very own underwater housing that lets you shoot … more

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