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RIO’s DirectCore Gets Introduced Into Its Best-Selling Bonefish Line

RIO Products has announced a new line designed specifically for chasing bonefish. The DirectCore Bonefish Line was the the winner of the Best New Saltwater Fly Line at IFTD.

The Expanding World of Trout Spey

You may have overheard a few fellas at your local fly shop talking about two handed rods, trout Spey fishing, and the confusing menagerie of lines. At first you might be saying to yourself, I thought that Spey Rods were for fishing for salmon in the UK or hunting steelhead in the NW. Trout? Who would fool themselves into fishing for a silly 2-pound trout...

RIO Makes the Trout Spey Game Simple

RIO has announced new line series designed specifically for spey fishing for trout.

RIO releases its DirectCore Jungle Series line

RIO Products has announced the release of a new DirectCore Jungle Series, designed to be ideal for golden dorado, peacock bass, tigerfish, and bass in hot and humid fishing conditions.

RIO Delivers Two-Handed Anglers its ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line

RIO Products has announced the new ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line. The line features a short front taper and color change every 10 feet to easily gauge length of each cast.

RIO's InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger Reinvents Multi-Density Lines

RIO Products has announced the release of a new line to their Spey shooting head range. The InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger introduces the latest technology “with multiple density changes that gives the Spey angler incredible depth control and amazingly smooth, effortless casts.” Read more in the press release below. RIO's InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger...

RIO Products Launches InTouch Single Handed Spey 3D

RIO has added a new triple density line series option to its product lineup with the launch of the newInTouch Single Handed Spey 3D.

RIO Products Adds Sizes to its Trout Spey Collection

RIO has announced the expansion of fly lines in their Skagit Trout Max Shooting Heads and Scandi Short VersiTip collections.

RIO Announces New DirectCore Flats Pro StealthTip Fly Line

RIO has announced a new line to their DirectCore Flats Pro line series. The StealthTip offers the same taper and technology as the series, but with a six-foot clear intermediate tip.