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RIO Releases New Creek Line

RIO Products has announced the release of the new Creek Line, designed specifically for fishing small creeks, streams and brooks.

RIO's General Purpose Tropical Fly Line

I recently heard someone in a fly shop say, “OK, I just wanna grab something and go.” They were facing a wall bursting with fly line options. Specialty lines and specialty tapers abound, and it’s hard to argue that choice isn’t a good thing, but there are some who just don’t have the time, or inclination, to look deep into the fly line catalog...

Field Test: Gear for Louisiana Redfish

I’ve spent the last eight years working as a fly fishing guide with WorldCast Anglers in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s hard to beat trout fishing in the Tetons and that’s why I make my home there. Growing up in the South though, gave me a love for warm Gulf waters, so when the guide season winds down, I’m more than primed to put down the...

RIO Makes Rigging Easier

RIO Products has announced its new Fly Clips and Fly Twists, accessories to make rigging easier and quicker for anglers.

RIO’s DirectCore Gets Introduced Into Its Best-Selling Bonefish Line

RIO Products has announced a new line designed specifically for chasing bonefish. The DirectCore Bonefish Line was the the winner of the Best New Saltwater Fly Line at IFTD.

The Expanding World of Trout Spey

You may have overheard a few fellas at your local fly shop talking about two handed rods, trout Spey fishing, and the confusing menagerie of lines. At first you might be saying to yourself, I thought that Spey Rods were for fishing for salmon in the UK or hunting steelhead in the NW. Trout? Who would fool themselves into fishing for a silly 2-pound trout...

RIO Makes the Trout Spey Game Simple

RIO has announced new line series designed specifically for spey fishing for trout.

RIO releases its DirectCore Jungle Series line

RIO Products has announced the release of a new DirectCore Jungle Series, designed to be ideal for golden dorado, peacock bass, tigerfish, and bass in hot and humid fishing conditions.