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Tight Line Nymphing for Beginners

Tightline or "Euro" nymphing is a very effective way to catch trout when fly fishing, and it works when other methods of fly fishing are not effective, like when trout are in deep water and not feeding aggressively. Dave Jensen shows how he utilizes this nymphing method, and explains how a beginner can quickly learn how to catch those trout that seem to be...

European Fly Fishing Championship in Montenegro

The International Fly Fishing Federation, FIPS-Mouche, with the help of local fly fishing clubs, organized its 25th European Fly Fishing Competition in Northeastern Montenegro. Twenty countries including some of the best anglers in Europe participated in this European fly fishing competition. Complete guide to fly fishing in Montenegro European Fly Fishing...

How to Prevent Trout From Seeing You

How do you avoid alerting fish to your presence?  Here are five strategies I use to help prevent fish from seeing me and perceiving me as a threat. Fish a Longer Rod One way to avoid showing yourself to fish in clear water is to fish from a greater distance. A lot of the nymph fishing I do is based on Euro-nymphing methods. These techniques are inherently...

Orvis Adds Further Depth to Sales Rep Force

Orvis has announced the addition of three new industry veterans to their sales team.

Three Basic Fly Fishing Knots

"Just getting into the sport of fly fishing? You’ll need to tie some knots! These three fly fishing knots will get you through most situations."

Fighting and Landing Trout

In this recent episode of Ask About Fly Fishing, Kurt Finlayson, a former member of the Fly Fishing USA Team and former coach of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team, talks about fighting and landing fish. “Listen and learn his techniques for fighting and landing trout that you can use to bring your hookups to the net.”

Special Report on Diversity in Angling

A new study shows that more women and Hispanics are fishing than ever before, highlighting record-breaking diversity for America’s anglers. But fly fishing shows a different trend: “While the overall number of anglers participating in fly fishing has grown over the last two years, all non-white groups have either stagnated or declined in...


Tom wasn’t a Native American. He was a fisherman. A fly fisherman. He’d been born to the children of immigrants, his mother Italian and his father Irish, and he’d grown up near Danbury, Connecticut as the country was being shifted and molded by social unrest. A sandy-haired, all- American kid who’d watched "Father Knows Best" on his folks’ black...

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

From knots to hip boots, Phil Monahan writes about five of the fly fishing lessons he learned the hard way. “One of the great things about fly fishing is that there’s always something new to learn; dedicated anglers will never run out of new techniques, species, waters, or fly patterns to figure out.” Read more via Orvis.

Wet Fly Fishing Tips

Wet fly fishing is an effective and easy means of searching for feeding trout. In this excellent video Norm Bolen describes the essentials of wet fly fishing along with professional guide Rob Heal. Casts, presentation and fly patterns are all discussed.