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Video: Correcting Common Casting Mistakes

Pete Kutzer, over at Orvis, hits another home run with this fantastic video on how to correct common casting mistakes. Excellent casting in the single-most important skill you can have as a fly angler, and Pete's video will help you hone that skill to perfection. Watch it here.

Improve Your Casting Accuracy

If you're looking to start the new year off on the right foot, then this latest piece from Louis Cahill at Gink & Gasoline is for you. It details how a great fly cast starts with more than just your arm mechanics. You need a good, solid base - just like in any other sport. Read the story here.

Cast With a Purpose

When I first started fishing, the most common feedback I received was to cast less. My line spent too much time in the air, and it was largely due to my casting without a purpose. As Justin Pickett details in this piece for Gink & Gasoline, casting with a goal in mind is crucial for fly fishing success. Read his story here.

Fly Casting Tips

Kent Klewein, over at Gink & Gasoline, put this story together on how you can perfect the timing of your fly cast. As a guide myself, I love the simple steps Kent outlines here, and they'll more than likely help you improve your casting. Read the story here.

4 Tips for Becoming a Better Fly Caster

George Daniel has some great tips to help you become a better fly caster, which he detailed in this recent story for Hatch Magazine. You can read them in full here.

Opinion: Does Casting Technique on Small Streams Matter?

Louis Cahill put this piece together over at Gink & Gasoline, and it's something I'd encourage every angler to read. Small streams are, in my opinion, the lifeblood of this sport. The big waters might get all the attention, but it's the small streams that spread out the pressure and allow us to find what little hidden treasures still remain in fly...

False Casting Is a Waste of Time

Long, graceful casts on empty rivers is the quintessential image of fly fishing for most anglers. But it's also the least productive image, in the sense that you don't catch many fish with your fly in the air. That's the premise of Dom Swentosky's latest opinion piece over at Troutbitten, where he details why false casting is a waste of time. While I...

Fly Casting: See the Target Before the Cast

Dom Swentosky has this bit of casting advice to share over at his site, Troutbitten. The casting tip is pretty simply - identify what you're aiming at before picking up line to start your fly cast. On the surface, that seems like something we should all know, and do while on the water. In practice, though, it's easy to just start blindly casting and...

FFI Announces Virtual Expo

Fly Fishers International (FFI) has officially released details for its inaugural virtual expo, set to be held in November. Below is a press release with all the details, courtesy of FFI. Fly Fishers International has opened registration for the inaugural FFI Virtual Expo 2021 taking place from November 5-7. Fly fishing enthusiasts will have the opportunity...

Improve your Water Haul

I was recently reading a John Gierach essay, where he talks about the issue of casting huge flies while fishing for musky in Minnesota. Gierach specifically mentions that he settled on the water haul cast as the only way to reliably - and without his shoulder falling off from overuse - cast for muskies. So, when I saw this piece from Louis Cahill at Gink...