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Video Hatch: “Reece's Glo Worm”

In this tying tutorial, learn to tie the Glo Worm from Bob Reece.

Five Flies for July

"With flows on many of Colorado's rivers falling, traditional summer fishing is just around the corner. With these drops in flows comes a variety of bug life. From caddis to golden stones to yellow sallies to PMDs, we're in line to see some spectacular summer fishing with these higher than average flows. Combine those prolific hatches with some of our...

Video Hatch: “Tying The Lightning Bug”

In this tying tutorial, Barry Ord Clarke demonstrates how to tie a lightning bug pattern.

Fly Tying Tip for Copper Wire

In this article, Brian Doelle writes about a great use for repurposing wire in broken appliances. “Chances are you have a broken appliance or worn out extension cord just waiting for the trash. Before you toss it to the curb, grab the cord! It’s filled with hundreds of feet of neatly twisted wire that’s perfect for fly tying.” Via Quest Outdoors.

Fly Tying: How to Tie an Isonychia Nymph

Fly Tying: Isonychia Nymph This stylish-looking Isonychia Nymph has been working very well for me as of late, both dead-drifted and swung more like a wet fly. Although I’ve taken a few liberties with materials, it’s for all intents and purposes a pattern developed by Preston Jennings many years ago. He apparently designed it primarily for use on the...

Video Hatch: “4 Flies Every Fly Box Should Have”

In this video from Blackfoot River Outfitters, John Herzer tackles the question of what flies you should carry in your box year round.

Video Hatch: “Faux Bucktail Flatwing Fly Tying Tutorial”

In this instructional video from the Flymen Fishing Company, learn to tie The Faux Bucktail Flatwing, which “updates an old-school pattern with new-school materials.”

Fly Tying: How to Tie a Purple Haze

The Purple Haze is a popular dry fly across the US and around the world. Similar to a Parachute Adams, the Purple Haze is easy to see and effective when trout are feeding on Mayflies. Learn how to tie this pattern with a parachute as Jared takes us through the steps needed to create this small, effective pattern.

Tying Flies with Foam

Over the years, foam has become a nearly indispensable fly tying material, with different offerings appearing on the market at a dizzying rate. If you can dream up something made of foam, it most likely already exists. Rather than look at all these different possibilities, let’s instead go back to basics and talk about plain, old sheet foam that’s...