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Three Reasons to Change Flies

The decision to change flies shouldn’t be solely dependent on whether or not they’re successful, but also how your flies are holding up. In other words, “Fishing a fly with issues is just fishing the wrong fly.” Louis Cahill writes about how to notice “3 Reasons It’s Time To Change Flies" in this article via Gink & Gasoline.

Fly Tying: the Goat Bugger

The Goat Bugger is one of our favorite wooly bugger fly patterns. In this tutorial, you'll see the method for creating a buggy but blended body.

Fly Tying: The Extra Chunky Chubby Chernobyl

Svend Diesel ties up an Extra Chunky Chubby Chernobyl, "utilizing some loco foam to make you not only the one on the river with the baddest box on the river, but also to match your Air Jordan 1 'OG black/red' with coordinating Bulls Jersey." "The extra chunkyness added to this fly makes it float longer and higher. You could use a tungsten jigged leech or...

Fly Tying: Stimi-X Rubber Legged Attractor

A one-minute video demonstrating the steps for tying this very fishy rubber-legged stimulator. It's a mash-up of two great patterns, the PMX and Stimulator. Tied in sizes 12 to 8.

Tying with Wire

Wire is a common element of a nymph pattern. “Whether in the form of ribbing or full body segments, this material adds the important elements of segmentation, durability and weight,” writes Bob Reece. “Yet, because of its fairly rigid nature, it can be a difficult material to work with.” Learn tips and tricks for tying with wire in this article via...

Fly Fishing: Trout Stream Insects

"Nerd out with me as I teach you how to identify some of the things that trout eat."

Video Hatch: “Five Flies for April 2019”

In early spring trout start to hone in on mayflies. In this short film, Tanner Smith and Scott Dickson of Trouts Fly Fishing hit the middle Colorado River, highlighting the top five flies for April.

Five Files for April on the Colorado River

April is here and trout are starting to hone in on one of our favorite mayflies - the Blue Winged Olive/BWO/Baetis. After seeing midges for months on end, trout welcome this diminutive olive bodied mayfly readily, especially as the hatch strengthens and peaks through the month of April.

"The Essential Mo"

Trout School tells the story of how Mo Bradley was part of a small group of dedicated fly fishers who in the 1960s developed new tactics for taking Kamloops trout in the dry, central plateau region of British Columbia. One cold December night, Mo called me in Vancouver from his home in Kamloops. It was just after Christmas and he was checking in. He was his...

Fly Tying: How to Tie a Black Bear Green Butt

Topher Browne demonstrates how to tie a Black Bear Green Butt.