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Czech Nymphing 101

Steve Parrott introduces Czech nymping in his popular DVD "Czech Nymphing 101." "When setting up your flies for the Czech method, you have a couple different options. You can run three flies, which is great for big water or deep water, but it can be a little more problematic when fishing because it wants to tangle a little bit, especially when you catch a...

Nymphing Techniques

Question: Since I can't see a nymph because it is underwater, what are the best ways to fish with it? Answer: Biologists say that about 80 to 90 per cent of a fish’s life is spent foraging beneath the surface of the water, so to be successful that’s where your fly should be for much of your fishing time. Fly anglers generally group the stages of a...

Country Music, Czech Nymphing, and Tube Jigs

"Fly Fishing Jazz" columnist Kirk Deeter draws comparisons between tight line Czech nymphing for trout and tube jigging for bass: "You use heavily weighted nymph flies, cast upstream, maintain tension on the line, and feel the flies drift and tick the bottom as they tumble downstream-when you feel the line come tight, you set the hook."

Fly Fishing Jazz: Country Music, Czech Nymphing, and Tube Jigs

I bet you’re wondering how I’m going to pull all these things together into one “Fly Fishing Jazz” column… For starters, I’ll say that Willie Nelson—that’s right, the pigtailed country troubadour—is one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time. The classic song “Crazy,” written by Willie and perhaps made most famous by the great...