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Video: Cortland Trout Boss HTx

Joe Goodspeed from the Cortland Line Company gives MidCurrent the skinny on the company's new trout line, the Trout Boss HTx. The Trout Boss HTx has a complex new taper, thinner core, and new proprietary heat-tempered surface treatment (HTx). A thinner core gives the line a smaller diameter-to-mass ratio without skewing its specific gravity or killing...

Video: Cortland Line Company on the New "Big Fly" Line

Joe Goodspeed, product developer from the Cortland Line Company, explains why their new "Big Fly" line works so well for chucking big bugs with "powerful, positive energy turnover for species like musky, pike, or bass."

Cortland Line Company Adds New Fly Lines

Precision Platinum Dyna-Tip Low-Vis (Welded Loops) Cortland's new Precision Dyna-Tip "Low-Vis" was designed  "from tip to taper" to tackle the full range of conditions and challenges that face trout anglers.  A longer head, extended rear taper, and larger-diameter running line give maximum line control.  The nylon braided core is coated with a low-memory...

New Retro Click Pawl Reel from Cortland

The light-weight Retro click pawl fly reels from Cortland are precision-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum with a hard-anodized gunmetal finish and black accents.  The Retro has an adjustable tension click to protect fine tippets, as well as an exposed palming rim when extra finesse is needed.  The Retro is available in two sizes: #1 for 3 and 4-weight...