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Video: C&F Marco Polo Travel Fly Tying Kit


Rick Mikesell at Trout’s fly shop explains the details of one of the most complete travel fly tying kits on the market, C&F’s Marco Polo Fly Tying System. At $649.95 this thing isn’t cheap, but it does have some of the … more

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The “Cadillac” of Tying Vises: C&F Reference Vise


Rick Mikesell of Trout’s Flyfishing points out some of the key features of the premium-priced C&F Reference Vise, a tool that he considers the “Cadillac of Fly Tying Vises” because of these features: Link Arm: Adjusts jaw height without affecting the … more

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New Bobbin from C&F

This bobbin is of the same design as C&F’s popular CFT-60 standard-size bobbin holder, but with a longer ceramic snout to allow for more room when tying. The bobbin weight keeps tension on materials when tying and features a foam design in the tube to retain constant spool rotation. Teflon-coated bobbin lugs ensure smooth spool rotation. Includes a bobbin threader. more

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C&F Designs Offers 1600 Series Fly Boxes

New from C&F Design for 2011 is a set of small waterproof boxes. These boxes measure 5.134” x 3.874” x 1.437” and feature the same silicone seal and latch as the highly popular Medium and Large Waterproof boxes. The new boxes also have a rippled outer surface for easy grip in wet and cold conditions. Each box in the 1600 series has an MSRP of more

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