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Video: How to Tie a Corded Cased Caddis

'I know, I know, cased caddis don’t have tails, but I figure the tail can’t hurt and maybe the fly could do double duty as a mayfly nymph," says Tim Flagler of his Corded Cased Caddis, for which corded Antron dubbing results in a wonderful lifelike look.  He ties this one on a Lightning Strike JF2 jig hook.

"Brown Trout After Dark"

Leave it to the French to coin a nifty phrase for dusk: entre chien et loup, “between the dog and the wolf,” the transition zone between day and night, between furry family pet Fido and dagger-toothed predator. It’s my handsdown absolute favorite time to be on the river. A sense of mystery hangs over the whole scene. As the sun lowers toward the...

How to Tie a Body Glass Caddis

This super simple fly has been a moneymaker in the Black Hills this last season. The chartreuse and black version works great, but you can tie this pattern in any variety of color combinations. Great weight fly or point fly on a Czech nymph rig. Super durable and easy tie! "This is Ryan from Dakota Angler and Outfitter and today we're going to be tying a...

Using Indicator Flies

Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected] Question: What is the best thing to do when a caddis hatch is coming off and a feeding frenzy is on, but the river is full of bubbles and the caddis are a size 18's or 20's and you can't see your fly very well, although you dry up about every fourth cast? The Birddog, via email...

How to Tie a Simple Caddis Larva

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a simple Green Caddis Larva pattern. Caddis larvae are an easily overlooked but important part of a trout's diet on many streams and rivers. Green caddis in particular are often found in fast riffles in small- to medium-sized streams.

"Depth Perception"

An evening of drift-boat dry fly fishing during a caddis hatch, with Mark Raisler and Ben Hardy from Headhunters Fly Shop on the Missouri River in Craig, MT.

Anticipating a Caddisfly Hatch

HATCH — a magic word. What is hatching? Many fly fishermen travel hundreds of miles to fish a stream or lake when a particular insect is emerging. The appearance of a major mayfly, stonefly, or caddisfly becomes an event, even a ritual, that anglers in an area wait for each season. The change from larva or nymph to adult (with an intermediate pupal stage...

Review: "Good Flies"

When I picked up Good Flies: Favorite Trout Patterns and How They Got That Way by John Gierach late Sunday morning, I was surprised to see a 2000 copyright. I need to spend more time browsing the shelves of the local Gibson's Book Store.Gierach's writing appeals to me the way Ernest Hemingway attracts English majors. He uses a vivid down-to-earth style...