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Using Indicator Flies

Have a question you want answered? Email it to us at [email protected] Question: What is the best thing to do when a caddis hatch is coming off and a feeding frenzy is on, but the river is full of bubbles and the caddis are a size 18's or 20's and you can't see your fly very well, although you dry up about every fourth cast? The Birddog, via email...

How to Tie a Simple Caddis Larva

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a simple Green Caddis Larva pattern. Caddis larvae are an easily overlooked but important part of a trout's diet on many streams and rivers. Green caddis in particular are often found in fast riffles in small- to medium-sized streams.

"Depth Perception"

An evening of drift-boat dry fly fishing during a caddis hatch, with Mark Raisler and Ben Hardy from Headhunters Fly Shop on the Missouri River in Craig, MT.

Anticipating a Caddisfly Hatch

HATCH — a magic word. What is hatching? Many fly fishermen travel hundreds of miles to fish a stream or lake when a particular insect is emerging. The appearance of a major mayfly, stonefly, or caddisfly becomes an event, even a ritual, that anglers in an area wait for each season. The change from larva or nymph to adult (with an intermediate pupal stage...

Review: "Good Flies"

When I picked up Good Flies: Favorite Trout Patterns and How They Got That Way by John Gierach late Sunday morning, I was surprised to see a 2000 copyright. I need to spend more time browsing the shelves of the local Gibson's Book Store.Gierach's writing appeals to me the way Ernest Hemingway attracts English majors. He uses a vivid down-to-earth style...