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Casting for Recovery Adds BUFF® as a 2020 National Sponsor

Casting for Recovery and Buff, Inc. have announced the expansion of their partnership to include a customized BUFF collection of which ten percent of gross sales will benefit CfR and Buff, Inc. will be recognized as a National Sponsor going into 2020.

Gear Review: Buff Elite Glove

Buff has done some deep thinking, and the result is the Buff Elite fishing glove. Over the years I’ve tested over a dozen gloves, and what sets the best ones apart is fit, which leads to full-day comfort.  There are many fishing gloves available at every price point and you generally get what you pay for – especially when it comes to materials and...

Video: Buff Headwear Balaclava, Mask, and new Patterns for 2014

Matt Crawford of BUFF Headwear discusses a few new BUFF products for 2014, like the Balaclava and Mask, and gives a sneak peek of some new patterns for the original BUFF headwear.

Video: Three New Buff Gloves for Fishing and Sun Protection

Matt Crawford from Buff explains three different glove styles that the company offers for anglers and what specific task each one accomplishes.

Babies Like Buffs Too

The Buff line of headwear/face masks has always been a multi-use product for anglers. Personally have used them as scarves, neck warmers, a face mask, Balaclava, and headband. Buff offers ideas on about 15 ways to use them too. Turns out there's one more. They make perfect swaddles for newborns. My three-week old daughter loves it and looks pretty hardcore...

Buff Introduces Bug Slinger Series, Sport Water Gloves

Bug Slinger Series Buff Bug Slinger Fly Gear, born somewhere between the Florida Keys and the Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin, creates artistic designs to reflect a fresh insight into the sport of fishing. Bug Slinger is the latest in the classic UV Buff line, designed for sun protection and to help reduce UV exposure. Highlights include: Coolmax...

Buff Gets Buff, Offers New Gloves

Buff, Inc. continues to prove that they are more than just a fad.  Their products, which are now a staple item with saltwater fly anglers, are starting to show up with increased frequency everywhere from Great Lakes carp flats to western trout streams.  Buff will be adding four new products to their catalog for 2011, including two gloves. Buff Pro-Series...

Buff Pro-Series Angler Gloves

The Buff® Pro-Series “Angler” and “Fighting Work” gloves seem to be an excellent choice for anglers looking for increased comfort, dexterity, grip, and UV protection (UPF 50+). Buff® Pro-Series Gloves are constructed with Japanese synthetic suede that holds strong in wet conditions and also dries quickly. The ergonomically stitched palm and...