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Video: What's In Your Boat Bag?

Andy Toohey, owner of Boulder Boat Works, shares with us what he typically carries in his Famous 2500 Umpqua boat bag for a typical summer day while fishing from one of his polymer boats.

Timelapse Video: Driftboat From Start to Finish

The extent of my "handiness" lies in my ability to push the shutter button on my camera. Not exactly an impressive skill.... That's why when I find tradesmen who can turn sheets of plastic and strips of wood into a gorgeous example of what a fishing drift boat should be I'm mesmerized. My friends at Boulder Boat Works allowed me to photograph one of their...

Behind the Scenes: Boulder Boat Works Polymer Hull Drift Boats

The tool wall you see here is just one of many at the Boulder Boat Works "skunk works" just north of Boulder, Colorado. The gents at the workshop there manufacture drift boats out of marine grade, U.V.-protected, VHMW-PE plastic. That's "Very High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene" for folks not in the know. You heard me right, the guys at Boulder Boat Works...

Boulder Boat Works and Yeti Coolers

Boulder Boat Works, makers of polymer-hull driftboats, have improved upon their latest boat—the Convertible River Taxi—by adding one of the toughest coolers on the market to the options list. BBW now offers a 120-quart or 75-quart Yeti cooler on all new Convertible River Taxis. The gents over at BBW say, "the CRT just got even better! Not only are Yeti...