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Podcast Interview: Jon Bauer of Bauer Fly Reels

This past week MidCurrent had the privilege to speak to Jon Bauer of Bauer Fly Reels. Jon is one of the nicest guys in the biz and has also been making some of the finest fly reels in the industry for 20 years now.  Jon started of with a degree in business but skipped the big bank job and the corporate life and pursued, of all things, auto racing. He raced...

Video: Bauer Fly Reel's Newest, the RX

Jon Bauer, owner of Bauer Fly Reels, talks to MidCurrent about their latest offering, called the RX.  The RX will replace the Rogue series of fly reels with new drags, more porting in the frame, as well as updated colors. It will initially be offered in offered in 8- through 13-weight options and will be priced very similarly to the Rogue series.

Bauer MacKenzie CFX3 Fly Reel

Bauer has been steadily (almost quietly) cranking out reels from its southern-Oregon-based headquarters for many years now, and while the company has earned some high-profile accolades, including “Best of the Best” recognition from Field & Stream, the real (reel) proof has been, and always will rest, among the minions of guides and serious...