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Video: ARC Fishing Introduces Two New Lines

ARC Fishing has sprung onto the fly fishing scene the last few years with an impressive selection of new line and tippet technologies.  They've now introduced two new products to their 99 series of fly lines, which Travis Thompson, one of the founders, describes here.

Video: ARC Fly Fishing Lines

Travis Thompson, Co-founder of ARC Fishing, gives MidCurrent an overview of the new company's fly lines, which bring some innovative features not found with many other lines--things like variable compression zones that maximize performance of individual segments of the line, and permanent Nano PTFE coatings which repel water, dirt and surface scum...

Video: ARC Fishing Fluorocoat Fly Tippet

Co-founder of ARC Fishing company, Travis Thompson, talks about their new line-up of tippets, specifically their Fluorocoat product and why it's different. ARC Fluorocoat is a fluorocarbon-coated nylon tippet. The process pairs the strength and suppleness of nylon with the durability and low visibility of fluorocarbon in a single line. Thanks to its...