Mako Shark On the Fly: Conway Bowman

Conway Bowman, bluewater captain and flyfishing adventurer extraordinaire, brings us first-hand accounts of landing boat-jumping, hand-chomping, kayak-charging mako shark on the fly.

Podcast Excerpt: “The deal is, you make that cast, the shark takes that fly, and the shark makes a run. So it’s making a bunch of jumps, and you need that shark to get through all those jumps. Once it gets through the jumps, like this big one did, you got him. Now we chase him down in the boat. We kind of let the boat work against the shark and the shark against the boat. You could never really break a shark that big without the boat, even on the heaviest fly tackle. It would be like going hunting for elephants with a BB gun.”

Podcast music by permission of Old Medicine Crow Show.