Lefty Kreh: Shooting Aspirin & Pulling Stumps

From Lefty Kreh’s early days as an outdoors journalist to his many second-career accomplishments as a photographer, marksman, writer, and fly fisher, this well-traveled angler has been an inspiration to generations. Listen as he recounts his career in post-War biological weapon manufacture, demonstration marksmanship, and fly rod design.

Podcast Excerpt: “When I first started in the forties, I went fishing with Joe Brooks, who was the most famous fly fisherman of that time. I was so impressed with how good he was that I asked him to give me a fly casting lesson. So I drove 50 miles to Baltimore in a Model A Ford where he lived, and he selected — and I paid for — an outfit. And then he left town — I’m not sure whether he left town because of my lesson or not — but anyway I bought a fiberglass rod and was told that it would break as soon as the weather got cold because it was made of glass. They were very new then and they were very bad. They were very floppy, the modulus of the glass was not good, they were full of glue, but you could still cast them.”

Podcast music by permission of Old Medicine Crow Show.